Garden Brewers | Not your typical garden variety


Bold yet Balanced, their motto that Sonja and Victor North, the owners of Garden Brewers goes by.  Garden Brewers, Hamilton’s first Craft Brewery.   There isn’t a brick and mortar location yet but they’re currently contract brewing out of Black Oaks for the time being.

The name Garden Brewers was selected to evoke the ideas of productive industriousness, growth and ambition, and to encapsulate the values inherent to the creation of quality, wholesome products. We want to create beers that reflect a small brewers craft aesthetic as well as a home gardeners DIY attitude.

This name also references Hamilton’s greener qualities, and we hope to help shift perceptions of our city a little away from under the shadow of steel, and towards the light of our beautiful natural features; such as our waterfalls, the escarpment, the surrounding farmland, the botanical gardens, and most of all, our many classic and highly-productive backyard gardens scattered throughout our downtown.

Garden Brewers launched with their first beer, a smoked amber ale that has been infused with crushed black peppercorns called Piperales.  It sounds like a real strong bold message to go with the first & flagship ale.  Where can you get it?  Well it’s looking all over Ontario at the moment with check-ins at Iggy’s Pub, The Rhino, The Ship, and so on.  Actually, follow this link (that will take you to Untappd) and you’ll be able to find it on tap somewhere!

Piperales is based upon an award-winning homebrew recipe that our brewer has developed over many repeated batches and has tweaked to a high degree of polish. Many smoked beers tend to be on the aggressive side, with a palate-destroying level of smokiness that puts them firmly in the realm of novelty brews- but Piperales- while extremely dramatic and unique, remains balanced!

And they’re already planning to release another beer, an IPA that will be spiced with Ginger.   It’s based upon a recipe that was on tap at Hamilton’s The Ship in the series of The Ships Rations.

On that note, I’m really digging the logo for Garden Brewers and the label for Piperales.  Very throwback to the 60’s.



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