Big Rig’s Release The Hounds Black IPA in LCBOs!



OTTAWA— (April 22, 2015) After winning two gold medals in 2014, Big Rig Brewery’s Release the Hounds Black IPA is now available for all to enjoy across Ontario.

Hitting LCBO shelves earlier this week in 473mL cans, Release the Hounds showcases an emerging style that has something for everyone.

“There’s a real nice roast character, but also a depth of complexity from the variety of hops we use,” says Lon Ladell, Big Rig Brewery’s brewmaster. “It’s not a common style, so there really isn’t anything else like it on the market.”

Ladell first fell in love with the style in 1998—by accident. He was a brewer at Spinnakers in Victoria, B.C. at the time and noticed a bartender blending their English IPA with their stout and brown ale. His first instinct was to tell him to immediately stop what he was doing, but then he took a sip.

“It tasted so good,” he remembers. “There was the smooth character and roasted bitter notes from the dark malts, which played quite nicely into the big hop profile of the IPA.”Big Rig Brewery Release the Hounds Black IPA

Ladell used that as a template, but made some key tweaks when creating Release the Hounds. The bitterness from the dark malts is downplayed, while west coast and New Zealand hops up the juicy, tropical notes. A late dry-hopping stage finishes it off

“The result is a beer with really big flavours, but it’s not overwhelming,” Ladell explains. “It’s sessionable in its taste. The late hop character provides more aroma than bitterness and the maltiness balances everything extremely well.”

Release the Hounds Black IPA won a gold medal at both the 2014 Canadian Brewing Awards and 2014 Ontario Brewing Awards. It weights in at 6.2% alc./vol and is available at LCBOs across Ontario for $2.75 each.

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Note:  I haven’t tried this beer yet…but I’m hoping to try this one tomorrow night at Spring Sessions in Toronto.   It sounds pretty darn tasty!