REVIEW: Stamp Hammer Oak Aged Amber Lager by Lake of Bays Brewing Co.


I was sent a bottle of Stamp Hammer a while ago but I was battling a nasty cold that I couldn’t even smell anything, let alone taste anything.   Now that’s all cleared up, let’s get straight to the point with Stamp Hammer.

Stamp Hammers were used in logging days of yore to make timber marks on logs and lumber. Wood aging makes its unique mark on this medium-bodied amber lager lending complex yet mellow flavour and smooth finish.

Lake of Bays Brewing Company


Stamp Hammer is a new seasonal beer (only available from the end of September to November.) for Lake of Bays Brewing Company, replacing the dapper 10 Point IPA (that was once in 750ml bottles, but since in 473ml tallboys which made it easier to take camping up north!)   With the style of Amber Lager, it works for what it is.   Out of the bottle pours a dark amber colour with a white head that quickly dissipates. The smell of subtle note of oak with a touch of vanilla and toffee comes through.   It’s a malty beer with, again subtle note of oak, vanilla, toffee, and spices.


It is what it is, a swell lager that’s pretty mild yet sharpness boozy at 6.5%.   As for the price of $9.95,  I will have to admit that it’s a bit steep for this Seasonal from Lake of Bays.   If it was more like $6.95 or something like that, it would be purchased more often.  But that being said,  I will be giving this one a respectable 3 out of 5 pints.


APPEARANCE | Dark amber colour with white head.

SMELL | Subtle notes of oak, vanilla, toffee and malts.

TASTE | Malts, oak, vanilla, toffee, and spices.

STYLE | Amber Lager

ABV | 6.5%


PRICE | $9.95

SIZE | 750ml Bottle

PURCHASED | Sample from Brewery | But can be purchased at The Brewery, LCBO or The Beer Store.