The Beer Program | Ransack The Universe

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NAME | Ransack The Universe Hemisphere IPA

ABV | 6.8%

IBU | 85

Brewery | Collective Arts Art-Brewing

Hops | Galaxy and Mosaic 

Purchasing | Brewery and LCBO

What is The Beer Program? 

It’s a new series from where I’ll be talking about…beer (from reviews to reveals to interviews to even more crazy things…) 

What am I hoping to accomplish with The Beer Program?  Well, first off, I’m hard of hearing and have a slight speech impediment.   I’m hoping to use The Beer Program to boost my confidence with talking in public and to work on my speech at the same time.   Seriously, The Beer Program is just for fun and to improve on my speech.   I see it as a win-win situation for this guy right here.  

Who is The Brew Head?

My name is Adam Kemp and I’m hard of hearing.  I’ve been doing beer reviews since November 2013.  The Brew Head’s objectives is to focus on Ontario Craft Beer, doing reviews, write-ups on releases, and beer launches.  Check out my many reviews of delicious Ontario Craft Beer at 

Enjoy the video and the series.  I know I do. 


Adam Kemp

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