Great Lakes Brewery has been teasing the Social Media with a new beer, not even mentioning the name or style of their new beer.  Well, the time has finally come.  Here’s the press release from Great Lakes Brewery!



We’ve teased you for over a week, withholding the name and style of our brand new beer…but here is it –Sunnyside Session IPA!

The beer will be launched on Saturday May 14th at the Summerhill LCBO at 1pm. It will kickoff our Tap Takeover event at their growler shop and will join THRUST! an IPA, Gilligan Is Still Dead Guava Saison and Simple Life Grisetteon the taps, which customers will be able to sample and take home growlers.

473ml cans will start showing up on LCBO shelves the same day, retailing for $2.80 each, and will stand shoulder to shoulder with other GLB brands in the LCBO system (Canuck Pale Ale, Pompous Ass English Ale, Octopus Wants to Fight IPA). Tasting notes below interview.

It will also be available at the GLB retail store starting at 12pm on Sunday May 15th.

Troy and Lackey sat down again over some pints and chatted about why GLB choose to release a session ale, put together some tasting notes and food pairings, and talked about Roland Baggetts making an appearance on a label other than Lake Effect IPA.

Troy: This new beer, Sunnyside Session IPA, is one of the first GLB beers to be named after a local Toronto landmark. What was the thought process behind the name?
Lackey: Peter Bulut and I both grew up in south Swansea so we basically lived in Rennie Park, High Park and Sunnyside – screwing around on bikes all summer – for decades really. We both thought it was appropriate and a nice tribute to what we think is the best area of our great city.

Troy: Roland Baggetts, the old man on the can, is the same dude featured on the Lake Effect IPA can. What gives?
Lackey: I dunno, guess even fisher dudes need to have a vacation sometime. And what better place than Sunnyside?!

Troy: Session IPAs are increasingly appearing in breweries and bars across Ontario. What sets this one apart from the rest?
Lackey: We just try and bring our GLB style to every beer. Trying to keep in light and drinkable but with a nice aroma and noticeable mid-palette hop punch that doesn’t linger. Keeps you coming back for the next gulp. You know, a beer that holds its own.

Troy: We’re going to get asked, so we might as well include it here in these questions… what hops are used in Sunnyside Session IPA?
Lackey: Citra, Cascade, Mosaic, Equinox and Amarillo

Troy: Describe your optimal setting for having a session with this session.
Lackey: Post hockey in the parking lot at George Bell Arena. The rink is nestled betwixt railway yards and a rendering plant. Lovely setting.

Troy: How long will Sunnyside Session IPA be around for?
Lackey: Hopefully it’s around all summer but we’ll see if it lasts that long…

Troy: What did you eat for dinner last night?
Lackey: I’m in Philadelphia so it was a cheesesteak. I’m not sure they have any other food here. At least I haven’t been able to find anything (I haven’t looked).
ABV: 3.9% 
/ Style: Session IPA / 
Serving Temp: 3-5C
 / IBUs: 25
 / Glassware: Pint Glass

Tasting Notes:
Sunnyside Session IPA_poster_medLooks as beautiful in your glass as a lovely summer day at Sunnyside Beach. Gaze into the sun to get an idea of the colour of this unfiltered (brilliant gold, hazy) tasty treat, which is protected with a snowy head, reminiscent of white caps rolling on Lake Ontario.

The citrus aromas leap from the glass with each gentle swirl. Lemon is the most prominent followed by pineapple and a touch of grapefruit. It’s so aromatic that you’ll want to forgo the sunscreen and apply generously to your person. Light body, juicy and refreshing, the same aromas make their way onto the palate, which are elevated due to the soft carbonation and mouthfeel.

A dry finish with lingering pineapple notes, Sunnyside has all the flavours of a big GLB IPA packaged into a remarkably drinkable session ale. Terrific for the backyard, the beach, with friends, and in the shower before a big night out.

Food pairing recommendations
Cotton candy from the Sunnyside pavilion. Turbo rockets and soft serve ice cream from a dickie dee cart on the boardwalk. Or go big and pair with some Lake Ontario fish taco’s. If you’re really serious, lobster rolls.