REVIEW: 1857 Kölsch by Abe Erb Brewing Co.



From the heart of Waterloo, Ontario, this is Abe Erb’s 1857, its first foray into the LCBO.  1857 is a Kolsch-Style Lagered Ale (blurring the fine line between lager and ale) and it’s a damn good one.

Abe Erb is about independence and hard work. We’re here to do right by the old man, because beer is his middle name. Locally made. Tried and True.

The 1857 Kolsch is our rendition of the classic Cologne ale that blurs the line between ale and lager. It’s a light, crisp tasting introduction to craft beer that everyone will enjoy.

Many of you know that I’m not a big fan of lagers in general and find them to be, well, boring and flavourless.  But hey, when there’s a lot of hops out there on the scene, lagers tends to get passed by.  However, there are some rare exceptions like… this one.

1857 pours a light hazy yellow colour with a white head.   The aroma is of a crisp and refreshing notes of malts, grains, and faint sweet fruit.   The tasting is the same of the aroma but however, there’s something more about 1857.  It almost has a presence of hops, sweet fruit (think lemon).

I have to say that 1857 is pretty refreshing, even for this cold January and at 4.8%, it will make a great patio beer that can be “crushable” or “quaffable”. It will make you wish that warm (or shall we say, patio) weather would already get here!  I can see myself buying a few more of these this coming Spring/Summer, especially for the cottage.

It would make a perfect little gateway beer for those macro-drinkers who are more into Bud Light or Coors Light.  Start them off with something easy and refreshing, 1857 is that beer.

If you haven’t heard of Abe Erb, it’s located down in Waterloo, it’s also a brewpub with food. I mean, I follow their Instagram and I get hungry just looking at the feed. I need to visit soon!  Good thing that my brother-in-law moved recently and pretty close by!

1857 is a modest 4 out of 5 pints.  Seriously, I really did enjoyed this one.