REVIEW: Shinnicked Stout by Muskoka Brewery

Shinnicked is that numbing gasp-for-breath feeling when you plunge into a Muskoka lake for a chilly late-night dip. To warm you up afterward, we created this rich, velvety stout infused with Muskoka Roastery’s signature Lumberjack coffee.

Instead of jumping into a Muskoka lake, I’m warming up after that blistering cold blizzard (hopefully, it’s the last one of the season!)  I’m ready for something warm.   But first, we need to get this warming stout out of the way.

Out of the black tallboy that’s covered with as usual as little artwork scattered all over with a cold looking fella pours a jet-black body with a light tan head.   The aroma is of subtle roasted coffee and chocolate notes.    With its first sip, it’s rich and creamy yet smooth to enjoy.  You can really taste the coffee and chocolate notes in this warming stout.  The body is a bit tad thin but it’s really enjoyable with hardly any bitterness to slow you down.  At 5.2%, it’s a quite nice light stout that can be easily enjoyed whenever the season is.

According to Untappd, this is a Oatmeal Stout and you know what? It’s right.  And with coffee. You really can’t go wrong with coffee…and beer.   It’s similar to Stonehammer’s Oatmeal Coffee Stout, so if you like that one, well, you’ll love this one.

It’s a helluva beer from Muskoka Brewery and one you can pick up in singles now.  It was recently in the mix-pack but you can now pick Shinnicked Stout singles at the grocery store and LCBOs.   I got this one at Sobey’s down in Peterborough.


Shinnicked Stout

$3.15 | 473ml Tallboy | 5.2%