REVIEW: SuperCollider 2.0 by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery

From Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery,

Our revisionary SuperCollider 2.0 Double IPA embodies the cosmic repetition of ideas in an infinite universe.  Clocking in at 102 IBUs with a steady burn of 10.4% ABV. SuperCollider 2.0 DIPA is a scientific evidence – the beer universe is expanding.

The Label

Looking like something from an episode of Quantum Leap, it’s your trademark Flying Monkeys can with its bright colours and wacky fonts.   It stood out at the LCBO with its high price of $4.25 (understandably reasonable due to its high ABV of 10.4%!)  This was once in a big ol’ 750ml bombers and now Flying Monkeys made the decision to make it a tallboy.


SuperCollider 2.0 poured a dark copper body with a off-white head that kept…growing after its original pour.  Yes, it was growing and didn’t settle for a while.  I had to brush off the head so I could get to its content.


SuperCollider 2.0 whiffed of a malt bomb, and sometimes, that’s okay.  However, this had some tropical notes and toffee.  It was the malts that dominated the aroma.


With its first sip of SuperCollider 2.0, I instantly got that big 10.4% smacking my palate around.  There was notes of grapefruit, caramel, and malts.   Being a Double IPA, there was hardly any hops presence.  I have to ask though…


As I do enjoy Flying Monkeys beers in general, SuperCollider 2.0 Double IPA wasn’t one of those beers.  It wasn’t enjoyable as I would’ve liked.  Flying Monkeys said that SuperCollider 2.0 is a Double IPA, I’m sorry but it drank more like a Barley Wine.   I love my big ABV beer and I first saw this bright and funky-looking tallboy with its massive ABV, I got excited, I’ll admit this.   SuperCollider 2.0 reminded me of those old school IPAs from a few years ago where it was just a malt bomb, similar to Boneshaker, Smashbomb, etc.  Granted, you really can’t compare this Double IPA to, let’s say, Sawdust City’s Twin Pines DIPA.  Two totally different DIPAs, even in appearance, aroma and taste.   It took me a while to finish this beer as every sip was just bitter and bitter.   This was canned on February 22, 2017 and it’s a month-old-can yet it felt like a stale beer.

SuperCollider 2.0 left me with a bitter taste and I won’t be getting this one again.