REVIEW: Citra Grove by Bench Brewing Co.

From Bench Brewing Co.,

Citra Grove is a bright and hazy dry hopped sour. Dry, tart and lightly funky, this ale is fermented with our house culture of yeasts, lactobacillus and brettanomyces, and is liberally dry hopped with Citra. With notes of orange, pineapple and melon, Citra Grove has a tangy acidity and a subtle earthiness. Pairs exceptionally well with spicy foods.

Note: My LG G4 went belly-up and with the LG-G4, a bunch of pictures of this beautiful beer went along as well.  However, I only found one picture…from Untappd. 

The Label

The big 750ml bottle stands out at the LCBO with its teal colour and big bold “Citra Grove” in beige colour.  With the design of hops and vines all around the label takes the approach of “less is more” design.  The label is very effective.


Out of the bottle pours a hazy light-yellow colour with a dense white head that didn’t lace the glassware.  When I took pictures of this beer outside while it was cloudy, you could see the haziness and a great yellow colour.


When I first poured it into the Teku glassware, I immediately got the funkiness and citrus zest.   It reminded me of Spring right away and I wanted to have this beer on the patio, however Mother Nature had her way with the rain.


Similar to the aroma, it was also refreshing and tart, bursting with lemon and sourness.


What can I say about Citra Grove?  It’s another great offering from Bench Brewing Co., located in Beamsville, ON. (Located in the Twenty Valley of Niagara Escarpment.).   Along with Ball’s Falls Session IPA, this is a fantastic dry-hopped sour that is refreshing and bursting with lemon notes.    Right out of the bottle is a beautiful hazy light-yellow colour with the whitest head ever.  The aroma is tart and inviting of funky and citrus zest.  With its first sip, it’s a smooth and tart colliding with the sour notes of lemon and funk.  It’s similar to a lemon-drop Warhead candy.  It’s refreshing as hell.  My only issue with this is the price of $10.95 at the LCBO.  Now, I would get another bottle of this refreshing and tart dry-hopped Sour, but I can see how the price would turn off some folks.   Especially if those folks wasn’t all that impressed with Balls’ Falls Session IPA, why would they take a chance on a big dollar, big bottle?    It’s highly recommended that you get this.   If you’re looking to get into Sours, I would call Citra Grove the gateway to Sours.

The Quick Notes

  • The Beer: Citra Grove
  • The Brewery: Bench Brewing Co.
  • The Style: Dry Hopped Sour Ale
  • The ABV: 6%
  • The IBU: 14
  • The Format: 750ml Bottle
  • The Cost: $10.95
  • Purchased: LCBO