PR: Big Rig Brewery announces Alpha Bomb LCBO Release!


It’s official—Alpha Bomb is now available at the LCBO!

Lon Ladell, Big Rig Brewery’s co-owner and brewmaster, first crafted this beer more than two years ago. The idea was simple: create a hop-forward, but well-balanced, unfiltered IPA to add to Big Rig’s portfolio.

He succeeded.

Alpha Bomb is an explosion of hops,” he explains. “We didn’t hold anything back. This beer highlights the complexity of hops—from its beautiful aroma to its perfect bittering notes—but is still accessible and balanced.”

To celebrate the occasion, Ladell added a fun twist to the recipe by adding 15 kg Citra Lupulin Powder. Why? “Because, why not!?” This will satisfy any hophead.

Alpha Bomb is now available at select LCBOs, The Beer Store and licensed grocery stores. As well, find it at the Big Rig Brewery Taproom, and bars and restaurants across Ontario!

Founded in 2012, Big Rig Brewery is led by brewmaster Lon Ladell. With 20 years of experience, he expertly reinvents traditional styles and creatively crafts emerging ones. It’s no surprise the brewery has won numerous awards in a short span of time for its standout beer including New Brewery of the Year in Ontario (2013), 23 medals at the Ontario Brewing Awards and one gold medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards.