REVIEW: 3 Speed Lager by Amsterdam Brewery

From Amsterdam Brewery;

3Speed Lager is perfect for any occasion whether it’s a hot summer day, watching the baseball game or enjoying a nice meal. It has been brewed using a true lager yeast and aged for 26 days for a smooth taste and finish.

The Label

It’s a minimalist style in bold blue with the text 3 Speed Lager and of course, a bicycle.   It stands out on the shelves among the Craft Beer.


Clear yellow with lots of carbonations and the white head quickly dissipated.  No lacing at all.


Subtle notes of grains.  Extremely light notes of citrus peel.


Smooth notes of grains, malts, light notes of lemony, and sweet yeast.


When I picked this up, I thought to myself that I haven’t had a 3 Speed Lager yet… Then I realized that I did more than a year ago and never picked it up again.  I looked at my “Untappd” account and saw the review that I did on there.  I wasn’t impressed with it, said that there was no flavours but I said it was easy-drinking.  Well, fast forward to today.   I still think that it’s a easy-drinking beer and easily one of the smooth craft lagers out there today.   It’s good, but again, for me, it wouldn’t be a rotation in my personal fridge.   Maybe a pick me up here and there every once in a while.

If you know me, I’m not really a big fan of lagers.  There’s some really good lagers out there in the Ontario market, like… Wellington Brewery’s Helles Lager and TGIF Helles Lager,  well, of course, we can’t forget Side Launch’s Mountain Lager too.   Those lagers are helluva tasty.  Anyways, back to the beer.

3 Speed Lager pours a very Lager-like colour, yellow with a white head that quickly dissipated and leave no traces of lacing the glassware.   The aroma is, again like a lager with notes of grains, malts, yeast and very subtle note of lemony.   The taste is similar to the aroma.  3 Speed is quite refreshing and easy-drinking.  I’ll give that props.  Heck, I even have a 3-Speed Lager hat that I found at a thrift shop for 3 bucks.   It was brand new, too!

That being said about 3 Speed Lager, again, it’s a gateway craft beer and it can be a great Summer beer on the patio, the docks, the balcony, etc etc.    As for me, I think this one will be one of those beers that I will randomly pick up if I feel like having a few Lagers.

The Quick Notes

  • The Beer: 3 Speed Lager
  • The Brewery: Amsterdam Brewery
  • The Style:  Lager
  • The ABV: 4.2%
  • The IBU:  14
  • The Format: 473ml Tallboy
  • The Cost: $3.00
  • Purchased: Zehrs Imperial (Guelph, ON)