REVIEW: 9 Toed Sloth Chocolate Stout by North Works Brewing Co.

From North Works Brewing Co.

There we were in the jungles of Bolivia tracking the elusive 9 toed sloth.  Each night we would attempt to lure the beast with a fetid fermented concoction of cacao and roasted barley. To be continued.

The Label

The label is super simple yet it works for the big crowler.  With its big logo with a little fill ‘er in statement about what kind of beer is it, ABV, and packaged.  It’s the same label that they use on all of their crowlers, they handwrite as they can the crowlers.  There’s a few things on this label that makes me laugh and that is one of the line of “Don’t be a DB, recycle this can.” and of course, the size, Murican Ozs.


The body is black with a great mocha head that doesn’t quickly dissipate.


Roasted malts, dark chocolate fills the air.


Dark chocolate, roasted malts, subtle hints of coffee.


From a brand new brewery in Cambridge, Ontario, North Works Brewing Co. recently opened up, not far from Barncat Artisan Ales and the 401.   The one thing that’s totally different from the other breweries?  North Works does Crowlers, yup, Crowlers.  It’s like a giant tallboy, 946ml, or “32 Murcian ozs.”

Let’s talk about the beer.

9 Toed Sloth Chocolate Stout is a big chocolately stout that has all the flavours of dark chocolate, roasted malts, and some hint of coffee (that I’m picking up…)   The IBU level is around the middle, I would have to guess, 40ish.   The body is just what you would expect out of a stout, deep black with a mocha head that laces the glassware.

The big ABV of 7.7% is there and you can fully feel it warming your body up.  In that case, I do hope that North Works will continue to brew this for the “colder” months, like the Fall and Winter.   Even though it’s Summer right now, I’ve been aching for a stout and this is hitting the spots.

So I would suggest that if you’re going to Cambridge, make it a Friday evening and hit up both Barncat Artisan Ales and North Works Brewing Co.  It’s totally worth the trip to both breweries that are brewing up adventures for your palate.

The Quick Notes

  • The Beer: 9 Toed Sloth Chocolate Stout
  • The Brewery: North Works Brewing Co. 
  • The Style: Stout
  • The ABV: 7.7%
  • The IBU: “Middle”
  • The Format: 32 Murican Ozs (Crowler)
  • The Cost: $8
  • Purchased: Brewery (Cambridge, ON)