REVIEW: Peel Out IIPA by Redline Brewhouse

From Redline Brewhouse Inc.

Deep orange in colour with a haze that leaves it looking like a ripe piece of mango. Aromas of mangos, sweet pineapple, orange peel and a hint of pine. Upfront the flavour is dominated by sweet tropical fruits, moves to citrus and finishes with a resinous, firm bitterness. A warming character lets you know it is high abv without overpowering the finish.

The Label

The design of the artwork is incredibly detailed with its engine with parts of fruits in place.  It’s a solid white tallboy with the Fruit Engine and its name, very simple yet eye-catching.  I love this can. It’s a keeper.


Incredibly hazy, thick-looking, orange-juice looking with a dense white head that laces the glassware.


Massive notes of tropical juicy pineapple, tangerines, and really, it’s a great smell.


Bold, juicy, refreshing, slight bitterness.  Lots of tropical, pine, citrus notes going on.


First came Clutch, then came Double Clutch… Just when I thought they couldn’t top Double Clutch, they really peeled it out with Peel Out, a massive 8.8% Imperial IPA.  This is a incredible looking beer, so hazy and thick of a beer.  Peel Out is a bold IIPA that can stand with the best of Ontario’s IIPAs and hopefully, this isn’t the last time we see Peel Out.

Out of the white tallboy pours this incredibly hazy-thick orange juice looking with a dense white head.  The aroma is incredible, bursting with notes of tropical and pineapples and tangerines.  There’s also some pine resin in there too.   With that first sip, you’ll be peeling out yourself.  The first sip is bold and packed with tons of flavours such as pineapples, tangerines, citrus peel.  It’s also not for the weak though.   The IBU is at 72, you can quite feel that with your palate.  The ABV of 8.8%, well, you can sense it.  This is a true slow-sipper but it’s so good that you just don’t want to slow-sip it.

For those who haven’t visited Redline Brewhouse in Barrie, Ontario, you really should.  I strongly feel that Redline BrewHouse is the best one to visit in Barrie and should be on your radar.   If you’re cruising up to the cottage or camping up north, on the 400, make a stop at the Redline Brewhouse, grab a few Redlines, grab a burger and kick it into high gear!

Before I sign off on this review, I want to thank Chris Copeman for grabbing me a couple of this beauty.   Many cheers to you!

The Quick Notes

  • The Beer: Peel Out IIPA
  • The Brewery: Redline Brewhouse Inc.
  • The Style:  IIPA
  • The ABV: 8.8%
  • The IBU:  72
  • The Format: 473ml Tallboy
  • The Cost: $4.50
  • Purchased: Redline Brewhouse via Chris Copeman (BeerSaint)