REVIEW: Yuzu Pale Ale by Radical Road Brewing Co.

From Radical Road Brewing Co.;

Our pale ale has a very low bitterness while maintaining a rich hop flavour. Yuzu fruit is added in the fermenter to give this beer a spritzy acidity and an extra layer of citrus and tropical fruit flavour.

The Label

The label alone is a label that can stand out on the shelves these days.  With its forest green tallboy with huge “YUZU” in all different shapes and natural colours.  It’s a beauty of a label and fits with the Radical Road branding.


Hazy, light yellow colour with a white head.


Mangos, citrus peel, tropical notes.


Similar to the aroma, although easy-drinking and smooth.


Radical Road Brewing has been around for a while, actually.  If you recall their big bottles that they released into the LCBO with fancy packaging that was Canny Man and The Wayward Son a couple years back.  You can read my review of Canny Man here.

Now let’s get back to this LCBO release that I happened to find in Peterborough, of all places.  I didn’t even find this one in Guelph, usually a Craft Beer hotbed in Ontario.  Now this is the second Tallboy release from RR for LCBO, the first being that tasty and delicious SlingShot.

Out of the tallboy pours…a beautifully light hazy yellow colour with a nice white head that settles down to a thin layer on top.  The aroma is of a sweet yet tropical background with some mangoes and passionfruit.  With its first sip, it’s a thirst-quenching Pale Ale that’s smooth and easy-drinking.  The bitterness level is quite low so it won’t leave a “bitter” taste on your palate.  I feel, in a way, this is a Summer beer, no, it’s a beer that has all the right notes of Summer, that feeling of Summer!

On the finish, it leaves you lingering for more of this Pale Ale.  It said that on the can, this Pale Ale was made with a twist,  they used Japanese Yuzu (hence the name of the Pale Ale) and I tell yah, I’m not even familar with this Japanese fruit.  If you even google it, it looks like little lemons.   Radical Road isn’t afraid to brew unique and interesting beer and I give them kudos for that.

I highly recommend this Pale Ale with a twist and if you do, grab a few because you will want to crack another one!

The Quick Notes

  • The Beer: Yazu Pale Ale
  • The Brewery: Radical Road Brewing Co.
  • The Style:  Pale Ale
  • The ABV: 5%
  • The IBU:  N/A
  • The Format: 473ml Tallboy
  • The Cost: $2.95
  • Purchased: LCBO Portage Place, Peterborough, ON