REVIEW: Wellington Brewery x Cameron’s Brewing Co. Prickly Pear Saison

From Wellington Brewery;

Prickly When Poked – Prickly Pear Saison (5.2%)

Wellington x Cameron’s Brewing
Brewed as a collaboration with our pals at Cameron’s brewing, this refreshing saison is brewed with loads of prickly pear adding a sweet and slightly tart fruit note to this unique saison.

The Label

Using the logo and secondary logos for its paper packaging with a yellow sticker that tells you what beer is it.


Light unfiltered, light-orange colour with a white thin head.


Lightly subtle notes of pear and spices.


Light notes of pear, spices, tart, yeast.


With Welly Cask Fest! done and over for another year,  Wellington Brewery released four limited editions on the day of the event, Prickly Pear Saison is one of those four limited editions.  Even though this was offered on Cask at the festival, this was carbonated for bottle releases.   Since I couldn’t make it to the event this year, I thought, well, the next best thing is to pick up beer that was also going to be offered on cask.

Prickly Pear Saison is a collab with Cameron’s Brewing Co. out of Oakville, Ontario.  With the reasonable ABV of 5.2%, this makes for a refreshingly Saison on the eve of Summer.   With its beautiful colour of light yet bright orange colour that isn’t hazy or filtered ,it’s right in the middle.   The head quickly dissipated and didn’t leave a trace of lace on the glassware.   The aroma is of light notes of pear and spices (that usually is quite common in Saisons.)  The taste is similar but tart and spices upfront.   The pear is there, if you were biting in a pear, this is what you’re getting out of this one.   It’s quite nice for a Saison and the Pear is a great yet underrated fruit that made a great addition to this one.   Man, breweries should use Pears more often.

I also got to break in the new Welly glassware as you can see in the picture, it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite glasswares to use.   This is a decent Saison and I can’t wait to try the other line-up from Welly Cask Fest! limited edition beers.

The Quick Notes

  • The Beer:  Prickly Pear Saison
  • The Brewery: Wellington Brewery x Cameron’s Brewing Co.
  • The Style:  Saison
  • The ABV: 5.2%
  • The IBU: 
  • The Format: 750ml
  • The Cost: $7.95
  • Purchased: Wellington Brewery